• Meteor

Introduction: Build a Multi Page App with Iron Meteor

In the Getting Started with Meteor class you built a simple to do's app, and the idea was to get used to the concepts in the Meteor application framework. In this class we're going to build a more sophisticated to do's app that's more like a real world application, with routing and a real project configuration. We'll start off by creating a project using the new iron scaffolding command line tool to help us build up the project structure.

In the application that we build, we'll use iron router layouts to be able to build a master layout for the entire application with breadcrumbs at the top that change depending upon the page you're on. Then we'll use the new Meteor accounts o-auth provider to be able to log in with Meteor accounts. We'll use iron router to create multiple routes in the application.

For example, when I click on a particular to do, we want to navigate to that item's to do URL. Then you'll see how we can use state to change the state of the page depending upon which URL we're on. In this example, when I click Edit we go to the Edit URL, but the template actually changes to reflect the fact that we're changing the to do. Then we'll add the ability to look at all the different user to do's in the system.

So when I click on Evented Mind, for example, we can see that user's tasks, and even comment on them. And we'll conclude the class by looking at how we can secure our publish functions to not publish out data if a user is not logged in. I'm really excited about this class, because now we're moving beyond concepts and looking at workflows for building a real world application.