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Introduction: Using Iron Router

From the class:  Using Iron Router

Iron Router has been completely rewritten in preparation for Meteors, Version One. I'm really excited about this class because we're going to take a practical look at how to use the new Iron Router to build a simple blog application. But we'll be taking a look at all of the features, including client and server side routes, server side routes that are restful, the new content for and layout helpers, router plug-ins, using connect middle-ware, and a bunch of new features that are really powerful in controllers, like the ability to specify event handlers and provide template helpers right in our controllers.

I'll also show you around some new options that are available, like the Subscriptions option, and the Wait On option. I'll show you how you can author custom plug-ins that you can distribute to other users. And finally, we'll take a look at a server side route controller that has action functions for two HTTP verbs GET and POST.

I hope you enjoy this really practical class on using the new version of Iron Router.