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Introduction: What is Git?

From the class:  Getting Started with Git

In this class I'm going to show you how to get up and running with the Git source control system. Git is an amazing piece of software that allows us to version control our content and our software projects. And if you scroll down a little bit on the home page at, you'll see that git is used by companies all over. And some of these big name companies, like Google and Facebook, use it. And it's really, really big in the open source community.

Let me give you a little history of Git. Linus Torvalds, you've probably heard his name before, he's the original author of Linux and the maintainer of Linux. So he was the original author of Git, and he wrote it in 2005. And the point of it was to serve as a source control system for the Linux kernel. So you can feel good that this has been used by a really, really big project, and that's where it came from.

And one of the key ideas with Git is he wanted it to be not a centralized source control system, he wanted it to be distributed. And what that means is that every person who has a project gets a complete copy of the project and all of their revisions. It might sound a little bit wasteful, but it's actually quite efficient, and it makes Git really, really fast and easy to work with.

So I'm going to show you around the Git software program. And also in this class, we're going to take a look at GitHub. GitHub is, arguably, one of the most popular, or the most popular, social coding site. And what it allows us to do is to take our Git projects and publish them up to the web and share them with other people and to work on those projects collaboratively.

And whether you're just starting out in software development or if you've been doing it even for several years, one of the best ways to get much, much better is to look at what other people have done, to study their source code, and if you can to contribute back to it. So using a site like GitHub is really, really beneficial as a learning tool and knowing how to use Git is a prerequisite.