Observing Cursors

Learn how to observe a cursor

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Observing Cursors

How do we create observer callbacks on a cursor? How does a cursor compile the selector to decide whether a changed document should fire the cursor's observer callbacks? And how does a collection notify cursors that a document has been added, removed or changed? In this screencast we'll uncover cursors and observers and use the debugger to get some better intuition about what's going on.

  • Meteor
  • Tutorial
**Key Topics:** * The Cursor `observe` method * How do client cursors match documents with the `selector_f` method? * How do collections store references to cursors? * How do collections notify cursors of change events and decide which observer callbacks to call? **Related lesson:** * <a href="http://www.eventedmind.com/posts/meteor-how-do-client-cursors-work" target="_blank">How do Client Cursors Work</a>
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