Transforming Collection Documents

Transform collection documents with a custom function.

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Transforming Collection Documents

The transform option on Meteor Collections allows us to transform MongoDB documents before they're returned in a fetch, findOne or find call, and before they are passed to observer callbacks. It lays the foundation for a Model layer. In this episode I'll build a simple transform class that has a formatPrice method for a price that is stored as cents in the database.

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<p class="code-block-title">app.js</p> ```javascript Product = function (doc) { _.extend(this, doc); }; Product.prototype = { constructor: Product, formatPrice: function (format) { switch(format) { case "cents": return this.price; default: return (this.price / 100).toFixed(2); } } }; ProductCollection = new Meteor.Collection("products", { transform: function (doc) { return new Product(doc); } }); ```
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