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From the class:  Inside Git

There's a lot more to cover in Git-- in particular, how to work with teams and with GitHub-- and we'll cover that in a different class. I want to show you two references that you can use to look up some things about Git and to learn more about it. The first is the official documentation. You can go over to And in particular, if you scroll down, you'll see a section called Git Internals in section 10 here, and that's going to cover a lot of the material that we looked at today.

So click on Git Internals. And if you want to navigate through it more easily, click on the Chapters section up here, scroll down, and you'll see the Git Internal section and all the different subsections. For instance, section 10.2 talks all about Git objects that we saw in this class.

Secondly, I would look at the community book. And this is a little bit better written, and it's written by a guy named Scott Chacon. Not sure if I'm saying his last name properly, but he's done a lot of great work to document Git. And if you scroll down a little bit in this page as well, you'll see the Internals section, and I think this is really well written. So for example, Browsing Git Objects will walk you through all the different types of Git objects that we covered in this class.

And lastly, what I would do to learn Git really well is to experiment with it yourself. So create an empty Git repository. Play around with it. Create objects in the Git repository directly, just like what we did in this class. And if you do that enough times, your brain will start to assimilate what's actually happening.